A vision of refinement for new waterfront restaurant

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Mork and Benn Ratanakosol are on a mission to change the way people think about the cuisine they grew up with. Born and raised in Canberra, the sons of Thai restaurant owners have a passion for the flavours of their parents’ homeland. But they think it deserves more respect, and want to change perceptions.

Mork’s has just opened at its new waterfront location, a bigger and more comprehensive version of the former Florey eatery, and perhaps the perfect catalyst to realize the brothers’ vision.

“Most people think of Thai as cheap-and-cheerful” says Benn, “something that they might grab on a night when they don’t feel like cooking.” He thinks it can be so much more than that—a big night out, a luxe experience.

“We are trying to be innovative, the flavours are complex and distinct, and we don’t want to mess with that,” he adds. “Authenticity is everything when it comes to taste, but we feel we can be innovative in the way we plate up, in our presentation and the general style of service that we offer.”

The lines between cheap-and-cheerful and refinement on a plate have already been blurred at the Florey location.

“In our previous spot, we were across the road from Dominoes, next to another pizza delivery place and most of our clientele knew us by name,” says Head Chef and restaurant namesake, Mork.

“There was a real local feel to the Florey restaurant, but that has never meant not serving a type of food that has a refined and finished feel. Here at Kingston Foreshore, we will be open for lunch and dinner, and doing breakfast on weekends, which is new for us. Looking around at all the development, we expect that this area will be buzzing. I imagine people coming down here on weekends, riding their bikes down on warm days, and making a day of it.”